How to Bet on NBA Games: Tips & Strategies 2023

How to bet on NBA games? If you’re looking for information about winning tips and strategies to increase your chances for a profit, you’ve come to the right guide. In the following, we highlight the tips and tricks when betting on NBA games, the top five sportsbooks in the Philippines, and other relevant details. Keep reading.

NBA games betting in the Philippines

Top Rated Bookies for NBA Betting

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Guide to Betting on Basketball Games

This guide covers everything you need to know about NBA betting, including types of bets, tips when betting on NBA games, the best NBA teams of all time, and more. For general information, continue reading the following.

Follow the lines to be a winning bettor. Get the best number for a higher chance of winning. You can also check out sites offering free picks and predictions to help you make better decisions.

Make sure to manage your bankroll well. Do not chase losses by making up for one loss. Then, it would help if you also weren’t greedy when winning.

Check and track the betting splits. Good sportsbooks will also give you betting splits for some matchups. This will give you a better idea of the pulse of the betting public. Such info can help in basketball handicapping.

Think twice when betting on your favorite team. Don’t be blinded by favoritism or bias when betting on the NBA.

How to Bet on NBA Games Online

In the following, we present more information on betting online on NBA games.

Top 5 Online Sportsbooks for NBA Betting in the Philippines

Check out the following for the top 5 online sportsbooks for betting in the NBA.


One of the most popular online sportsbooks for Filipino bettors who bet on the NBA and search for the best odds to win the NBA, 22bet is your go-to solution if you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform with a simple web navigation function. You can also increase your chances of winning the game because it offers excellent odds. Visit the site and check out its amazing NBA offers.

22bet NBA betting
22bet NBA betting Philippines
Visit 22bet

The legal sportsbook in the Philippines is for bettors looking to stay in action throughout the entire NBA Season and the full game of their favorite team, bet on different markets based on the odds and increase chances to win the more significant the payout. How to bet the NBA would be easy with 1xBet, which is also available for app downloads. Check it out now.

1xbet NBA betting
1xbet for profitable NBA betting
Visit 1xBet

The NBA odds keep fluctuating, but this sportsbook can ensure the odds are competitive. NBA betting, even for beginners, would be easier with this simple platform. It also offers other sports and casino games. Whether you’re betting on the final score of the game you wagered on or any other type of market, you can use 20bet and its excellent betting lines for NBA games.

20bet betting
20bet online basketball betting
Visit 20bet
pnxbet nba

You can bet the markets you’re looking for when you use PNXBET for your NBA betting needs, whether betting on the spread or the total. The operator also has a diverse portfolio of other sports and casino games, which third-party agencies audit to ensure fairness and security. The site also implements top security practices to ensure everyone’s safety when using it for their betting activities.

PNXBet NBA bets
PNXBet online sportsbook for NBA
MegaPari NBA Bets

Betting the money line, the first quarter, or any other quarter, among different types of betting, punters can rely on the MegaPari site for its top NBA markets. The best NBA platform is for beginner and seasoned bettors looking for a safe and secure betting platform for their online games and various bonuses and rewards.

MegaPari NBA sportsbook
MegaPari NBA sportsbook
Visit MegaPari

How to Sign Up at a Sportsbook to Bet on the NBA

What is the latest NBA schedule? Who will win the game? Where to bet for the NBA finals? What is the team that leads the tournament? Aside from researching for the best results in NBA betting, you might also be looking for the best sportsbook where to bet, especially if you are betting the first basketball bet, like money line, points spread, or any other bets. Here are the best bookmakers in the Philippines for Filipino NBA bettors.

  • Choose a sportsbook:

    Visit your bookmaker. The list above should help you pick one for your betting activities. Pick one that is trustworthy, secure, and safe.

  • Register:

    It takes a little time to complete your registration. Many of the platforms only ask for your complete name, birth date, and email address to begin with.

  • Verify your account:

    Confirm your identity, such as being legally allowed to bet on sports. You might have to submit your IDs.

  • Deposit funds:

    Choose from one of the available payment options and fund your account.

  • Claim your new player bonus:

    The best sportsbooks will have different bet types, such as the game total bet, and you can use your bonus on wagering, too.

  • Start betting:

    You can now use your sportsbook account to bet on different markets and lines, like what the total will be, which teams will either win the match, or which player will make the first goal, among others.

Most Common NBA Bets

Once you’ve signed up with a sportsbook and are ready to bet before or during the game, you might be thinking about the available NBA bets.

NBA Moneyline Bets

Who will be the winner of the game? Betting in action through a money line bet means choosing the team will win outright.

Remember that the favorite team will be displayed with a minus or negative sign (-). The less favored (the underdog) will display a plus or positive sign (+).

Thus, you can choose from these two options after you study the players’ ability or their performance, injury reports, and the entire set of factors that might affect the outcome.

NBA Spread Bets

Unlike the money line bet that predicts who will win the game, wagering on the spread involves picking an NBA team to either win/lose by a specific margin. This type of bet in the game means that the favorites will cover the sportsbook’s predetermined line set.

NBA Over/Under and Totals Bets

This pertains to betting on whether the total score in the particular game will be lower or higher than the predefined total set by the bookmaker.

The under or over is the total number of points a bookie expects to be the total points accumulated in the match – two team points and overtime combined. The bettor will wager on whether the totals will be over or under the line determined by the bookie.

NBA Player Prop Bets

Also called proposition bets, player props involve betting on a particular event/s within the match, such as a specific player’s total points or rebounds. You will have many choices if you bet on the props – such as combo bet (points, rebounds, assists, etc), assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks.

NBA Parlay Betting

This betting type is betting on multiple games in the sportsbook. The actual payout will be higher when winning the games and not losing any of them.

Also, it will be possible to combine different bets in parlays. These include point spreads, money lines, and totals, depending on the sportsbook to take the bets.

However, losing one of the games in the same bet slip as in parlay betting, you will not win a single penny.

Live In-Game NBA Betting Odds

Live bets are betting on NBA games during the action. A bookmaker will adjust the odds based on how an event is happening. Some of the most popular live bets are totals, points spreads, and money lines.

Betting on the actual game while it is happening can benefit bettors who want to take full advantage of their winning potential. An example is when a favorite player becomes suddenly injured in the game. In this case, you can place bets as needed based on how the game is happening.

Betting the First-Half Lines

This type of bet involves placing a wager on the team that will take the lead at the end of halftime. Nevertheless, a first-half bet is like a traditional flat bet, but this only involves predicting the score in the first half. You will either win or lose.

Betting the First Quarter Lines

Aside from bets like cover the spread or points spread, money line bets, or total bets, bettors also pick first-quarter line bets, which are available in some bookmakers. First-quarter betting allows you to place a bet on the first quarter. It is not only in basketball that this bet is available but also in football, particularly in the NFL.

NBA Betting Promotions: Enhanced Odds

As you progress and become more familiar with NBA betting, like wagering that the Warriors will win the game, you’ll also encounter promotions in sportsbooks that include enhanced odds.

The enhanced odds are a bookie promotion that boosts bettors’ odds of choosing a specific betting market. This makes that market more attractive than the other markets, for example. So instead of betting in markets of other sportsbooks, bettors find the bookie with enhanced odds more appealing for them.

How to Research NBA Bets

There are different ways to get into the more profitable betting activity world. For one, you take the advice of the pros online. There are top guides and expert advice on the web regarding NBA bets. You’ll also find different oddsmakers that allow you to compare picks and predictions.

Ultimately, bookmakers display different NBA bets and markets for them, along with the odds you can easily compare. And finally, you can eliminate the burden of conducting research because you can rely on the top sportsbooks that display the NBA bets and their odds for you.

For some general tips, we also recommend researching injury news and reports, load and rest management of players, the NBA schedule, and the latest team statistics. This will help you make better betting decisions overall.

How to Watch the NBA

You can watch the NBA via the NBA’s official website, NBA live streaming services, and cable service providers depending on your plan or package. You can contact your cable service for information on how you can watch the games.

Basketball Betting Tips & Tricks

Increase your winning potential. Take advantage of these effective and straightforward betting tips and tricks you could use.

  • Bet Early

    No one beats the early bird. Seasoned bettors know the importance of betting early in the games. We recommend betting once the markets start opening every morning. Early betting can help you use the oddsmaker’s mistakes on the first lines. Remember that the lines can be more challenging to beat and can be more accurate as time passes by.

  • Study and React to Injury Reports

    Following up on our first tip of betting early, ensure that you will also be active in the afternoon when potential injury news or reports can come out in the middle of the day. Remember that an injury can have a significant effect on the match. Be sure to watch out for that and be able to react fast.

  • Look for Scheduling Advantages

    Another effective NBA betting tip is to check for scheduling advantages, although the league has taken different steps to lower the number of back-to-back games. Still, many teams will have an average of 13.5 back-to-back matches and no rest games. For example, some teams will have long stretches, playing eight or nine games in about 12 nights.

  • Totals: How Many Possessions Will a Game Have?

    If you’re thinking about a total bet, you have to ask yourself some questions before placing a wager.

    Consider the number of possessions in the game. So, is the game between a slow and a fast paced team? Do the teams already have tired legs because they have had relatively long stretches?

    How about the shot quality? Are the teams looking for 3-pointers but not having success on those? How is the performance of the teams? Are they playing well offensively?

  • Live Betting

    This type of betting has become more popular today, especially during the pandemic, allowing bettors to place bets during the NBA game. Because the odds fluctuate as the game happens, you can use these changing odds to increase your winning potential. Some tips for live betting include calculating possessions for live totals and betting during stoppages or breaks.

  • Don’t Tease Basketball

    It won’t be worth teasing basketball, considering an average of 100 possessions can happen in a game. For example, teasing one spread four points will be two possessions. This can be covered in seconds or less than a minute.

  • Line Shopping

    One of the most essential tips for NBA betting is line shopping. You must be able to look at different sportsbooks to find the best lines. This will help you make wise NBA picks. We suggest checking out odds pages online for updated lines for each NBA game.

  • Track Your NBA Bets

    Another thing to remember to make wiser decisions in NBA betting is to monitor your bets, such as money line bets, props bets, and point spreads. Now, you will find different apps to help you calculate the return on investments for all bets. Using them can also help you check for patterns.

Best NBA Teams of All Time

Which is your favorite NBA team? Here are the top 5 NBA teams of all time.

  1. Golden State Warriors (2016-2017)
  2. Boston Celtics (1985-1986)
  3. Detroit Pistons (1988-1989)
  4. Los Angeles Lakers (1986-1987)
  5. Milwaukee Bucks (1970-1971)

How to Bet on Basketball FAQs

What Is the Best Way to Bet on Basketball?

The best way to bet on basketball is by researching bets, tracking your bets, checking and comparing the latest odds, and using the best sportsbooks. All these can help improve your chances of winning a game.

How to Read Basketball Odds

Remember that you will know the amount to win per 100PHP bet if the line starts with a positive or plus sign. The amount you need to lay down to receive a potential payout of 100 PHP is indicated by the line that begins with a negative or minus sign.

Moneyline Bets: Picking a Team to Win SU

The money lines are betting on the outcome of the game, predicting who will win it. So in this bet, there are only two possible outcomes – winning or losing – as there are only two competitors.

Point Spreads: Which Squad Will Cover?

The point spread wager is one of the most common in NBA betting. Here, one of the teams is determined as the faves, while the other is the underdog. The point spread also picks a line subtracted from the favorites’ total points to level the playing field. This bet allows you to choose one team that will win the game.

NBA Totals: Combined Score Betting

This bet lets you wager on whether the final score combined will be under or over a set points amount. As an example, the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets will have the odds that look like – Over 210 / Under 210. If you bet on the OVER, the total points should be more than 210 to win the total bet. On the other hand, the total points should be 209 or less to win the bet.

Live Odds: Betting While the Game Progresses

In-play, in-game, or live betting means betting while the game is happening, allowing you to place bets throughout the game. However, it would help if you reacted fast when you saw odds you liked in a live game.

Prop Bets: Keeping It Light

The props bet is a side bet that doesn’t rely on the game’s outcome. Some examples are betting on a specific player’s number of rebounds, assists, blocks, and other particular stats or performances of a player. These are entertaining bets because bettors don’t need to be concerned about any team winning the match or the teams covering the spread.

Futures: Betting on the Long Term

Betting on the futures is betting on a long-term result that plays out across a timeframe, such as days, weeks, or months of the season or competition. Thus, all the bets are placed before anything happens. Some bets to see are will “TEAM” win in the playoffs? Who will be the MVP? Who will be the Rookie of the Year?

Parlays: Many Bets on One Ticket

The parlays make at least two or multiple wagers and then tie them into the same bet slip or bet. This bet has the potential for a higher payout because it is riskier than other bet types. If one of the wagers loses, the parlay bet loses, however.