NBA Playoff Betting Strategies, Odds & Lines

The NBA Playoffs are one of the league’s most exciting and significant tournaments. That’s why it’s also an awaited event that Filipino bettors want to participate in. You have come to the right guide if you’re searching for betting tips and strategies for the playoffs. The following discusses everything you need to know about NBA playoff betting in the Philippines. Let’s get started.

NBA Playoffs betting

Top-4 Sportsbooks for Betting on Playoff

Is Betting On NBA Playoff Odds Legal?

It is legal to bet on NBA events, including the NBA Playoffs. Just like betting on the NBA finals, ensure you’re using a licensed offshore or PAGCOR-licensed casino and sportsbook in the country. You can also bet on the NBA in one of the physical sportsbook operators licensed by PAGCOR.

If you love the game of basketball and betting on the NBA playoffs, choose a legal sportsbook that accepts Filipino players. A few examples of these bookies for Philippines players to bet on the NBA are 22bet, 20bet, and PNXBet.

Best NBA Playoffs Betting Sites 2023


One of the best sportsbooks for betting the NBA games, 22bet is our top pick for its playoffs market, diverse sports portfolio, and casino games. If you’re looking for a reliable bookmaker to bet on the series, check 22bet on your list. Bet on the team of your choice for the next game or the regular season using the safe website for Filipino punters.

22bet NBA playoff
22bet NBA playoff betting platform
Visit 22bet

The go-to choice of Filipino NBA fans for the latest odds and the top NBA markets and lines, 1xBet can make the betting experience of anyone more worthwhile. It’s trustworthy, licensed, secure, and available for mobile betting. Check it out now.

1xBet NBA playoff betting
1xBet NBA playoff betting
Visit 1xBet

Top markets for the NBA playoff? Look no further but head over to 20Bet! The platform is easy and reliable, so Filipino bettors use it for their betting needs. Have peace of mind that the bet on markets like moneyline, spreads, and totals would be in good hands on this legal website for sports betting.

20bet NBA playoffs betting
20bet NBA playoffs betting
Visit 20bet

This platform offers a diverse range of NBA games and other basketball league events where to place your bets. The operator also gives excellent bonuses and promos to all sports bettors, so be sure to check it out.

Pnxbet playoffs NBA betting
Pnxbet playoffs NBA betting

NBA betting would be easier, whether you’re wagering on the Bucks or the Bulls winning in the Playoffs or another team to compete in the playoffs, for using Pinnacle. The odds are easy to read, and the menu is simple, ensuring you’ll find the NBA markets you want.

Pinnacle NBA playoffs
Pinnacle NBA playoffs betting Philippines
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One of the best NBA betting platforms in the Philippines, MSW remains the top choice among Filipinos who want to place their bets for the NBA postseason, playoffs, finals, and other events.

MSW NBA playoffs
MSW NBA playoffs sports betting platform
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Offering you amazing sports bonuses and promotions, GGBET is another sportsbook to consider for betting on the team to win the game or any other types of outcome bets. For example, the operator offers a 5000 PHP welcome bonus.

Ggbet playoffs betting for sports
Ggbet playoffs betting for sports
Visit GGbet

Join the sportsbook for your NBA betting activities and claim up to 5000 PHP of the first deposit bonus. Use this reward to bet on more NBA games during the Playoffs and increase your chances of winning the prize.

Betvisa NBA playoffs
Betvisa NBA playoffs site for Filipino bettors
Visit Betvisa

This bookmaker can give bettors the most competitive odds on the market, including on the NBA, PBA, and World Cup. Use it for playoff betting and increase your chances of winning.

Bet88 NBA playoffs
Bet88 Filipino sports betting site for NBA playoffs
Visit Bet88

Features like live streaming for devices and desktops and sports betting, including tennis and soccer, are some offers from Bet365. Bet on more NBA markets, play more casino games, and reap more rewards on the platform.

Bet365 NBA playoffs
Bet365 NBA playoffs betting guide
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Increase your excitement for the play tournament using MegaPari, one of the top bookmakers in the country for bettors who love participating in the NBA playoffs betting. Check it out now.

MegaPari Playoffs
Megapari NBA betting site for playoffs
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Examples Of NBA Playoff Betting Odds


  • Boston Celtics +330
  • Los Angeles Clippers +850
  • Golden State Warriors +1000
  • Denver Nuggets +700
  • New Orleans Pelicans +2200
  • Charlotte Hornets +100000
  • San Antonio Spurs +100000
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +15000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +1800
  • Milwaukee Bucks +650

Eastern Conference Winner

  • Philadelphia 76ers +400
  • Brooklyn Nets +650
  • Toronto Raptors +7000
  • Boston Celtics +160
  • Charlotte Hornets +75000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +900
  • Milwaukee Bucks +260
  • Atlanta Hawks +3000
  • New York Knicks +7000
  • Miami Heat +1600

NBA Specials

After high school, on what team will Bronny James play?

  • UCLA +450
  • Kansas +1200
  • Ohio State +1500
  • Kentucky +950
  • Oregon -200

The Most Improved Player (2022/2023)

  • Tyrese Haliburton +1200
  • Anthony Edwards +900
  • RJ Barrett +2000
  • Jalen Brunson +1600
  • Cade Cunningham +2000

2023 Regular Season MVP

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo +700
  • Kevin Durant +1200
  • Luka Doncic +450
  • Jayson Tatum +1200
  • Joel Embiid +650
  • Nikola Jokic +1200
  • Ja Morant +1200

How To Bet On NBA Playoff Games

Betting lines will be open on every match. Check these with the respective sportsbook you have chosen for NBA BETTING.

Choose the winner/loser in a series, a specific game, or the team to emerge victorious in the championship. Other bets you can pick include player props or occurrences in the game, like the number of rebounds a player will make.

If you still need to become a member of a sports betting site, pick one from the above PH NBA betting sites and register. Deposit funds, and start betting!

Where to Bet On NBA Playoff Games Online

If you still need to choose a sportsbook, here are our recommendations.

  • Ensure they offer competitive odds, betting lines, and types of bets.
  • They must also be legal in the Philippines and accept players 18 years old and above.
  • The operator should also be available on mobile, desktop, and app to place bets anywhere you’re connected online.

Live Betting on the NBA Playoffs and Finals

Find the best bets for you during the action in the live betting function of your sportsbook. Wager on the halftime winners or winning teams or even proposition bets. So if you’ve made the wrong pre-match bet in the play tournament-specific event, you can always get back into the action with live betting.

Best NBA Betting Apps For The Playoffs

Mobile apps for playoff betting make things easier for betting on the favorite, underdog, or any other outcome or type of bet. The best apps for NBA betting are –

  • 22bet
  • 1xBet
  • 20bet
  • Pnxbet
  • Pinnacle
  • MSW
  • GGbet
  • Betvisa
  • Bet88
  • Bet365
  • Megapari

Visit the sportsbook and look for the dedicated app download page. Choose an iOS or Android app, and complete the installation. Some may also be available on Google Play and the App Store.

How to Bet on the NBA Playoffs

It’s easy! You can bet immediately on the opened betting lines on every matchup. Choose the bet type, place the bet amount, check your slip, and submit once everything is okay. You can bet on money lines, points spread, totals, and futures.

NBA Playoffs: How Do They Work?

The playoffs are composed of a four-round and best-of-seven elimination postseason basketball tournament that the league holds annually. It can help determine the champions of the season.

The contest happens after the regular season of the NBA and the play-in tournament.

The first team, which is the winner that wins four victories in the best-of-seven elimination games, will continue to the next round.

The playoffs will continue until the only team that remains in every conference will have a face-off in the finals. The NBA finals are battled by two teams who compete in a seven-game series.

What Types of Bets Can You Make During the Playoffs

What type of bet can you make during the playoffs? We’ve discussed them below.

Single-game betting

This involves betting on only one match outcome and is also the easiest to understand, especially for beginners. For example, who do you think will win the match? You’ll receive a payout if your pick wins.

Futures betting

This type of betting means wagering on an outcome (who will be the season’s champion, etc.) or something that has yet to happen or will be determined in the future or distant future. An example of this includes who will win in the playoffs series.

Series Bets

This bet is easy to remember as you will have to wager on the team you think will win the series. It’s also a type of futures bet, typically offered as a moneyline bet.

Prop Bets

This is proposition bets or props bet, considered a light type of betting because it doesn’t involve thinking about who will be the winner of a specific event. Some examples include the number of rebounds, assists, blocks, or points an individual player makes. It can also be a combo props bet – points, rebounds, and assists.

What Are the Best NBA Playoff Betting Strategies?

There are specific strategies you can use to your advantage to win your bet. We’ve listed the most important ones in the following.

NBA Playoffs Point Spread Betting

The spread or the line point spread is the margin bookmakers use to handicap the more favored or favorite team. Here, a bookie or oddsmaker will predict that the favored NBA team will win by “X” total number of points – this is the point spread.

NBA Playoffs Prop Bets

You can also find this betting market in your sportsbook. The bets are popular among Filipino NBA fans because they only need to wager on a specific event, which doesn’t affect the game’s outcome. Some prop bets are turnovers, blocks, and steals.

NBA Playoffs Moneyline Bets

This is the simplest type of playoff bet you can make because it only means wagering on the team you think will win the event. So, you only need to predict the winner of the match, bet on it, and wait for the results.

NBA Playoffs Futures Betting

This bet places a wager on a future outcome, hence the name. The result will be determined in the distant future, like predicting and betting on the team to win in the playoffs.

NBA Playoffs Over/Under Betting

It means wagering on the total scores that will be scored or accumulated in the NBA from both competing teams. For example, the oddsmaker set the line at 209 points, but the game ends at 110 and 104.

Points of both teams total 214, making the overs win. Without even saying, the over or under bet is wagering on the specific score or point total, which will either be over or under the total set by the bookie.

You Can Bet on the Outcome of the NBA Playoffs Anytime

Just visit your sportsbook, log into your account, and place a wager on the NBA playoffs anytime through your mobile device, desktop, or phone. Our featured sportsbooks have dedicated apps, so betting on the playoffs anytime will be more convenient.

Betting NBA Postseason Basketball: Zig-Zag Theory Explained

The theory is quite simple to understand, involving only betting on the NBA team that lost the series’ last game. It is a popular betting strategy and system that has helped many bettors make a profit.

What to Consider When Betting in the Playoffs Using the NBA Zig-Zag Theory

You need to know the following when wagering using the Zig Zag Theory for the playoffs.

Overall Record

The key here is to determine all the variables and look for the most winning spots.

Off Loss of the home team

How did the team respond to its loss? Remember that the home team will always have a slight advantage on the home floor, no matter the last game’s outcome. Historically, a team playing on their home coming from a loss could cover the following or next game by up to 52.4% of the time.


Margin of defeat of home team off loss

How did the loss margin affect the team’s likelihood of covering the spread? It would help if you focused on the teams that lost the last game by over three points.

It is because the team that lost by over three points covered 53% clip. On the other hand, NBA teams coming off a loss by at most three points have beaten the spread by 48 percent of the time.

Win Percentage Is Important

What is the win percentage? NBA teams that won 60 percent at least of their matches could cover 56.2 percent most of the time following a loss by over three points.

On the other hand, those teams that won by under 60 percent of the games could only cover the point spread about 49.1 percent most of the time.

Performance based on Numbers

What is the team’s performance according to the spread for a specific event or match?

Remember that we’re only looking at the teams who won 60% at least of the games, having a match at their home court, and coming off a loss by over three points.

For example, while the favorite team of -3 to -4.5 was able to hit 59.2 percent most of the time, your concentration should be on the teams which are the favorites by at least six because they have gone 71-39-2 that emerge to a win rate up to 65%.

Another Consideration to Handicapping the Postseason Zig-Zag Theory

After learning about those things we mentioned above, we know there are cases when the theory might not work. Remember that road teams coming off road loss could cover the spread 46.3 percent of the time.

Now, you won’t want to bet against a road team coming off road loss. For example, those road teams coming off road loss, listed as 3.5 to -3.5, could only cover 34.7%. On the other hand, if these teams are favored by at least 4, they could hit a 63.6% clip.

NBA First-Round Playoff Betting Trends

The following are a few examples of first-round playoff betting trends in the NBA.

Last game trends

  • A home team is a better bet when it’s coming off a win in the playoffs.
  • Teams losing their last game by at least 10 points are just 44-62-1 ATS and 40-67 SU in the next match.

Series trends

  • An example is nine first-round sweeps, all by number 1 and number 2 seeds, over the L6 seasons of the playoff; you might want to ignore any late seasons trend data ATS that you might be considering a more extended series or potential upset.
  • Only the two of the L18 “playoff” better seeds winning an average of four games against the point spread have lost a playoff series in the regular season. Finally, the 16 winning NBA teams had only lost 1.69 games/series, too.

Line range game trends

  • The home favorites are more likely to win.
  • The bigger road favorites are also a good bet to consider. Only four of the last 27 road favorites at least 4.5 points have lost, and then going 34-4 SU and ATS 18-8-1

Ten Proven NBA Playoff Betting Systems

Keep reading below for simple and proven playoff betting systems.

  1. Sign up with the right sportsbook for NBA playoffs betting. Check their odds, game offers, bonuses, rewards, and other features for a better betting experience.
  2. Check injury reports, which are available daily. Access this information before placing a wager.
  3. Follow the NBA schedule. Please take advantage of it. Bet on the underdog if the favorite team has played multiple games in a row, even if they are still the favorites.
  4. Use the live betting feature of your sportsbook. Remember that the odds fluctuate and change. You can take advantage of these, but you need to react fast. Place a wager during a timeout to have a more extended period of deciding which to bet on.
  5. Check the main statistics, including per-game stats, three-point shooting stats, pace of play stats, and offensive and defensive efficiency of the teams so that you can make better betting decisions.
  6. Monitor the results, including your bet history, in the sportsbook you’re using. This will allow you to check for patterns, including your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Focus on a specific team, perhaps your favorite team, so that you can specialize in it before looking into other teams, especially if you’re a beginner.
  8. Use a bankroll budget. Only deposit the amount of money that you can afford to lose. Wager slowly between one percent and 10 percent of the set budget.
  9. Do odds shopping using the different sportsbooks and compare them.
  10. Consider placing a wager on the lesser wagered side, especially that your research has pointed out that it would be better than betting on the more wagered-on NBA team.

FAQs for NBA Playoff Betting

Where to bet for the NBA playoffs?

You can bet in one of our featured sportsbooks above. Sign up, deposit, claim a bonus, and start betting!

Can Filipino bettors bet on NBA playoffs?

They can bet on the playoffs, provided they use a PAGCOR-approved or an offshore and licensed NBA betting platform.

How do I bet on NBA playoff games?

Proceed to your sportsbook, choose a type of bet, and input your bet amount. Submit your bet and wait for the results. Pick a bet that includes money lines, point spreads, and totals.