NBA Finals: Line Bets & Championship Betting Tips 2023

The Denver Nuggets are crowned the Champions, defeating the Miami Heat in the recently concluded NBA Finals, winning the NBA title. The champions beat the Heat (94-89), with Nikola Jokic awarded the MVP. The Nuggets won four out of the five games in the Championship series.

Betting on the NBA finals

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NBA Finals Odds at Online Sportsbooks

Different online sportsbooks present you with the final odds for the regular season games and the new season that will happen on October 24, 2023, and end next year on April 4, 2024.

What are the latest NBA finals odds? You’re sure as excited as we are regarding the most competitive odds. That is why before you bet for the NBA finals, such as the overunder bet, the spread bet, the money line bet, or any other types of bets, compare the sportsbooks and use the best among them in terms of the odds and betting lines.

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2023 NBA Finals Betting Favorites

According to some sources, the Nuggets are the favorites to become champions again in the upcoming 2024 season, with Nikola Jokic leading the way for them.

The Nuggets were the favorites to win the 2023-2024 title. Next are the two teams Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks.

Now what is a final favorite? It is the NBA team that is expected to win the finals. You can participate in favorites betting for the finals using the top Philippines sportsbooks we’ve shared earlier.

How to Bet on the NBA Finals

Through the years, betting on the NBA finals has been the most awaited game in the NBA for Filipino bettors. During the game the fans and bettors from the country are thrilled to get into the action. You can bet on the NBA finals using these tips if you’re one of them.

NBA Finals Moneyline Bets

This involves wagering on which the team has a higher chance of winning and becoming the champions. In the last season, the Heat are defeated by the Nuggets. So if you wagered on the latter, you had a winning moneyline bet. Your chosen team’s odds determine the payout from a moneyline finals bet.

NBA Finals Spread Betting

It’s wagering on the number of points that a team will win/lose by. Bet early, but shop the lines for the top numbers. You can use an online odds comparison tool. Or, it would be better to open multiple sportsbook accounts and use the one offering the best odds for the game.

Then, check how teams are shooting over the last game for a better idea of how to bet the point spread. Next, know the matchups and research each team’s strengths and weaknesses. Check injury reports and load management because both can affect the game’s outcome.

NBA Finals Totals (Over/Unders)

The NBA finals totals are both teams’ combined points set by the sports betting platform. Choose whether to bet on the over or under. If you predicted correctly, you will receive a payout. Do line shopping. Compare different sportsbooks and pick a line to offer you with the most value. That’s not all, though. You also need to look into the line’s history and monitor its movements.

NBA Finals Prop Bets

You can choose from various prop bets for the event – individual games or the series. You’ll also have the option of betting on the final Most Valuable Player. Most significant players will also have prop bets, such as points, rebounds, and assists, or combos. In addition, you can find head-to-head props in some bookies.

How to Bet Parlays in the NBA Finals

Also known as multis, combos, or accumulators, parlay involves a wager with at least two bets. Bettors expect that all the bets will win. If they do, they will receive a payout. So if you bet on a two-team parlay like the Heat and the Lakers, all your wager should be correct.

5 Essential NBA Finals Betting Tips

Keep reading the following for essential finals betting tips you need to know to improve your odds of winning.

  • Six Games or Fewer

    According to history, NBA finals end in six games, the most typical outcome. For instance, in the recently concluded finals series, the Nuggets won its first franchise NBA title. They defeated the Heat in the best-of-seven series (4-1).

  • Home Court Is Big

    The stats reveal that the home team wins 60% of all the NBA games played in the homecourt. Even oddsmakers know what the home courts provide, which means they are factoring this in when setting the game lines. Remember to wager your money on the team with winning home records.

  • NBA Finals MVP Trend

    Another betting strategy in the NBA finals is checking for trends, including team stats, injury, offense and defense information, and other vital metrics and patterns. Check this page for more tips from our expert betting community and analysts.

  • Importance of Seeds

    In the NBA, a seed is a specific team’s bracket position for the tournament or playoffs. Per conference, eight teams will be seeded, and then the top four teams will have the home court or home floor advantage. They’ll face the lower-seeded teams.

  • Go with the Favorites

    The favorite NBA team is favored or more likely to win in the finals. The experts reveal that going with the favored team is an effective betting strategy. Learn more about successful betting strategies for betting on the NBA finals favorite.

NBA Finals 2023: Key Information

Here is the key information you need to know about the NBA finals.        

When Do the NBA Finals Start?

The last Finals started on June 2, 2023, and ended on June 12, 2023.

How Do the NBA Finals Work?

The Finals determine the Champions and are played in a best-of-seven games format. The home-court advantage is applied in the finals, and the champions will be the team to win four matches. The winning team will be the Champion, and they’ll win the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

How Many Games Are in the NBA Finals?

There are seven games in the finals series. The Denver Nuggets won four of the seven matches in the recently concluded finals. Four matches were set to be played in Denver, and then three of them were set to be played at Kaseya Center, Miami.

Where to Watch the NBA Finals?

You can watch the NBA Finals live or via paid streaming services, or you may contact your cable service provider about it.

The NBA Finals 2023: Line, Odds, Start of Game 1: Nuggets vs. Heat Predictions and Picks; the Best Expert Bets

Matt Severance from SportsLine’s Made Picks and Top Bets for Finals Game 1 of the Heat vs. the Nuggets in the 2023 NBA Finals, Thursday

Why the Nuggets Can Cover

Bringing energy into the floor is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who will definitely threaten the opponent.


  • 11 pts.
  • 1.3 steals
  • 3 points (41%)

Game 3 vs. Lakers

  • 17
  • Four 3s

Bruce Brown is an excellent player that can also space the floor. In the postseason, he averaged –


  • 12.2 pts.
  • 5 assists
  • 5 boards

May 20 vs. the Lakers

  • 15 pts.
  • 5 assists
  • 5 boards

Why the Heat Can Cover

Bam Adebayo, known for his strength, endurance, and power, is a prominent force in the court.


  • 16.8 pts/game
  • 9.2 rebounds

Consecutive matchups: Double-double (including Game 7 vs. Celtics)

  • 12 pts
  • 10 rebounds
  • 7 assists

Gabe Vincent is another awesome force in the backcourt, scoring off the dribble and passing the ball with ease.

2023 NBA Playoffs

  • 13.1 pts
  • 3.9 assists
  • 39% (scored out of all three-point attempts)

Vs. Celtics

  • 29 pts.
  •  6 of 9 three-pointers

How to Make Nuggets vs. Heat Picks

Here are finals predictions, trends, and lines for the two teams

  • Nuggets -8.5: Spread
  • Money line: Nuggets -400; Heat +310
  • Over/under: 210 points
  • The Nuggets are 5-1 ATS in the previous 6 games
  • The Heat: 5-2 vs. the spread in the last 7 road games vs. an NBA team with a more advantaged percentage of over .600

NBA Finals Betting Trends, Stats: Action Network’s Nuggets vs. Heat Betting Primer

Look at the betting primer, including betting trends and systems, the betting public, and the sportsbooks.

2023 NBA Finals

The series started on June 2 and ended on June 12, 2023. The Denver Nuggets (Western Conference) played the best-of-seven series versus the Miami Heat (Eastern Conference). The Nuggets emerged victorious and won over the Heat in four of five games.

Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets is a Western Conference Northwest Division team of the league. They won their first-ever championship through the leadership of Nikola Jokić.

First Time For Everything

The team made their first NBA Franchise title in the finals and is the 17th franchise to have made its first-ever finals appearance since 1970. On the other hand, the other teams to make the first appearance in the finals since 1970 and had been listed as the favorite included –

  • 1978 Sonics -140 over Bullets (losing in seven games)
  • 1991 Bulls -200 over Lakers (winning in five games)
  • 1995 Magic -150 over Rockets (losing in four games)


Nikola Jokic (-125) has an average triple-double in the Finals versus the Miami Heat. This feat was only achieved by another player, LeBron James, versus the Golden State Warriors (2017).

Largest Favorite to Win NBA Finals MVP
  • 2023: Nikola Jokic, Nuggets -333
  • 2009: Kobe Bryant, Lakers (Won) -300
  • 2013: LeBron James, Heat (Won) -250
  • 2008: Kobe Bryant, Lakers (Lost) -200
  • 2010: Kobe Bryant, Lakers (Won): -182

*The Quick Hitters

The Denver Nuggets played “21 game ones” at their home court, having 18-3 SU in the said games. This includes the 3-0 SU during the playoffs. The team was 8.5 pt at least favorites in the first game of the Finals. They won eight of those games in the finals.

* Highest Game 1 Spread for NBA Finals Since NBA-ABA Merger in 1976-77

  • Warriors versus Cavaliers (GSW, 124-114; GSW 4-0 sweep) -13 (2018)
  • Lakers versus 6ers (PHI, 107-101; LAL 4-1 in series) -11.5 (2001)
  • Lakers vs. Celtics (LAL, 126-113; LAL 4-2 in series) -10.5 (1987)

*Source: Action Network

Miami Heat

Strong No. 8 Seed

The Miami Heat is only the 2nd #8 seed making it to the Finals. In the history of seeding, only three teams, 6th or more seeded, had reached the finals.

The team would be joining the Rockets (1995) as the only Champion, having won each series being underdogs on the way to a title.

Dangerous Dogs

Both Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat are said to be “dangerous underdogs.”

  • 196-292 (moneyline) as the underdog
  • The team is 14-5 ATS, with their coach being underdogs of 6pts+ in the series playoffs
  • 104-76-1 ATS in the playoffs for Spoelstra with the Miami Heat

Trends & Notes to Know

Keep reading the following for important notes you need to know.

NBA Finals Unders

Since 2005, the home teams and the favorites only had a slight edge, with the home team having 51-46-1 ATS, 61-37 SU and the favorites having 54-49-1 ATS, 68-36 SU. Regarding the total, the experts reveal that the under has a slight edge going 54% (54-46-4) and under the total score by 1.5 points per game. It has been 10-7-1 (under) in the NBA finals since 2020.

Where’s The Public Betting?

The consensus of the public also matters in basketball betting. The stats reveal that the NBA teams with 51 per cent (betting tickets) are 42.4% (42-57-1 ATS) in the finals since 2005. Thus, a bettor wagering $100 would be down $1694. Meanwhile, sixty per cent of public sides in the finals are 34.8% (8-15 ATS) since 2005.

Rest vs. Rust

Most Days Off Before an NBA Finals Game 1

  • Lakers (1982): 11 days off; 8-0 (SU) during the playoffs and entering Finals; they won 11 straight games.
  • Nets (2003): 10 days off; they ended conference semifinals on May 24, 2003, and finals started June 4, 2003; 12 (SU) in playoffs and then entering the finals – winning ten straight games
  • Nuggets (2023): 9 days off, 12 straight-ups in the playoffs, and then entering the finals, winning six straight games.


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