NBA Betting Odds & Lines of 2023

One of the best betting strategies to maximize your potential of winning significant sums of money in NBA betting – is knowing how betting odds and lines work. This will put yourself in a better position when betting on NBA events, like the game opening or the NBA Finals.

In addition, the latest line comparison and shopping help you make an informed decision to increase your potential returns. Check the following guide that covers how to read different odds and the types of betting lines.

At the end of it, you’re sure to apply better betting strategies as you tackle the new NBA season and increase your potential to win the prize.

NBA betting odds and lines in 2023

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How to Read NBA Odds

When you visit different sportsbooks in the Philippines, you’ll notice that the point spreads, money lines, and totals differ.

That is why you must shop for lines before betting on any event like the NBA Championship, the Playoffs, and the Finals.

It’s what seasoned Filipino bettors do. For example, they read the odds before the game to increase their chances for a higher payout.

The odds reveal the bookmaker’s opinion on a particular event, proposition, match, tournament, or game while also revealing how much a customer must risk winning an NBA betting potential payout.

An oddsmaker will predict that a favored team wins by an X (number of points), also called the point spread.

Remember, a minus sign (-) signifies the favorite or more favored team; the plus sign (+) indicates the underdog or the less favored team.

The betting line is the odds the sportsbook lists for a type of bet.

Knowing how the bet lines work, you’ll have a better strategy when betting on your favorite teams, such as the Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the Knicks, the Golden State Warriors, or the Miami Heat, or the money line, the over or under bets, or the point spreads.

Please remember that the odds are not the same but fluctuate based on certain factors, such as game rumors and injuries, as the event gets closer.

How to Read Decimal NBA Odds

Decimal odds format reading is another essential thing to learn to bet on the NBA. This format of the NBA finals odds allows you to read the current match or game, event, or a specific proposition.

The best odds in the decimal format are read as odds x stake = potential payout. This will give you the amount of the potential payout. The decimal odd is the easiest to calculate for beginners.

How to Read Fractional Odds for NBA

This page for the NBA odds would only be complete with knowing how to bet NBA by reading the fractional odds. Sportsbooks or oddsmakers also display this format. You can read this format as how much to win over how much to bet.

For instance, the stakes of 200 PHP with odds displayed as 3/2, the calculation for a potential winning is 300 pesos. It is because 200 PHP x 3/2 = 300 pesos.

How to Read American NBA Odds

Also called the moneyline odds, US odds are one of the most popular formats on which Americans bet.

The American NBA odds are rare for many oddsmakers, but they use it especially in the US market. Please remember this rule.

The negative number refers to the favorites, and the positive, the underdogs.

So, the format is displayed as the basketball odds having the plus or minus sign. While most numbers are displayed in 3-digit formats, they can also be in more than three places.

What are the Different Types of NBA Bets?

In addition to knowing about the top six teams, the team with the most wins or loses, the total score per game, or the regular season leaders, bettors who are keen to betting the NBA games also need to figure out the types of bets to make, especially if it is the first time that they’ll engage in betting activity when using an oddsmaker.

In this section of this page for the NBA betting odds and lines, we’ll tackle the types of bets, including points spreads, money lines, and totals.

NBA Moneyline

Which of the teams will win in the upcoming or current game? With the money line bet, you can bet on the team that you believe will win the match. Please remember that the underdog or the less favored team will have the higher odds and the opposite for the favorite. So without even saying, you will get higher NBA betting odds by wagering on the underdogs.

NBA Point Spread

This bet type is pretty simple. To understand this betting, it means the total number of points that the favorites will win during the match. This spread is displayed as a line in sportsbooks.

The favorites are shown with the negative or minus sign beside the total number of points they must win in the betting line.

This type of betting doesn’t involve betting or wagering on the predicted winning team. Points spread instead means wagering on whether a team can cover the spread.

For instance, the more favored team will win by specific points. Or it can be that the less favored team is not losing by the number set by the oddsmaker or winning the game.

NBA Point Totals (Over & Under Wagers)

Over the past years, betting on the National Basketball Association games has become a big thing for Filipino bettors.

So aside from knowing the NBA title odds or the amount they could potentially win in a bet, they also learn about the different betting lines or types, including the point totals.

The total bet involves a bettor betting on the total score or points in a particular basketball event. In this case, the sportsbook predicts the total score, and then the NBA punters bet on whether the predetermined line will be either lower or higher than the defined total.

How to Bet on NBA Props

Player props or props bets are picks you can place on any event within an NBA game. This doesn’t concern the outcome or what team will win the game. Instead, you can bet on props like the number of rebounds your favorite player will make or the total points one will make in the game. Thus, the props bet has to do with an individual player’s statistics.

One can bet for a specific game or the season. However, a particular game’s bet is typically an over or under-the-line set by a bookmaker.

How to Bet on NBA Futures Odds & Word Series Winner Odds

The futures bet is like its name suggests – betting on a future outcome or result. For example, it could mean betting on the MVP or the Champions.

Please remember that the sportsbook opens this type of bet before the beginning of the season. All the bets, however, can be placed throughout the year.

But note that a bookie will be adjusting the odds for the futures bet based on certain factors like trades, rumors, and injuries. One will also change the wager amount on a specific result and team.

Still, a bet will be locked in once it’s placed, no matter the odds for when one is wagered. So, factors won’t affect your bet regardless of how the oddsmaker is going to adjust the odds of the futures after you have placed your bet.

How to Bet on a Specific Quarter and Half-Game Bets

This specific bet is placed on either the first half, second half, or quarter – first, second, third, or fourth. Remember that the oddsmaker opens the betting lines before the beginning of the game. You can make a specific quarter or half-time bet on your sportsbook account.

What other types of NBA Bets exist?

The other bet types exist and can be placed for your favorite NBA game, event, or tournament. Let’s check them out.

NBA Live Bets

Depending on the bookie, live betting, also called in-game or in-play betting, is an option many Filipinos choose for their sports betting activities. Compared to pre-match bets placed before the start of the game, a live bet can be placed during the game.

Parlay Betting

This is a riskier bet when compared to the others discussed. You make at least two wagers in one bet slip for parlay betting. If one of the bets loses, you will not win anything, even if one of the bets wins. But then, a parlay bet can offer you a higher reward if the entire parlay bet wins.

Biggest NBA Betting Events

Like any other sport, basketball has major events and tournaments, which can be the best times to bet.

NBA Events
Biggest NBA Betting Events

Popular NBA Events to Bet On

Ideally, you want to place bets on popular NBA events in order to maximize your odds. Here are some of our recommendations:

NBA Futures

Futures pertain to betting on the futures odds, allowing punters to place a wager on a future or upcoming event throughout the NBA season. Factors, such as winning streaks, recent outcomes, and team standings, among other statistics, determine the odds of this bet.

NBA All-Star Weekend

It is one of the most-awaited events in the NBA wherein the best players across the NBA are selected to play the All-Star Game. To play in this game is a considerable achievement for NBA players.

The All-Star Weekend also brings a lot of entertainment to the fans because performances and games can be a part of it. For bettors, it’s also one of the best times to bet on NBA games.

NBA Play-In Tournament

They are known as the second-chance event that involves having the teams finishing from 7th to 10th to play and compete for the last two spots in every conference. And whichever teams finish 7th-8th will get two chances to compete in a qualifying game.

NBA Playoffs

The Playoffs are another much-awaited event in the NBA. It involves a 4-round and best-of-7 elimination postseason basketball tournament.

It is held annually to help determine the Champion. The event is held right after the regular season and the preliminary postseason tournament (the play-in tournament).

NBA Finals

It is the yearly NBA Championship Series wherein champions from the Eastern and Western Conferences participate and compete in a best-of-seven series of games to determine the winner.

Profit & Payout

For the finance aspect of NBA Betting, let’s talk about profits and payouts. Here are the terms you need to know.


This refers to the monetary gain/s from betting. Your profit is the money earned from betting after calculating the difference between the money spent and the money gained.

Expected Winnings

This is the amount of money you can expect to gain or lose if you wager on similar odds multiple times.

You can calculate it using a basic equation wherein you multiply your winning probability by the money you could win in every bet and then subtract your losing probability that is multiplied by the total amount of money you lose in every bet.

Expected Payout

Your expected payout is the expected monetary or financial gain/return you can look forward to when NBA betting.

Bet Slip

The bet slip contains your bet information. In sportsbooks online, this is your online or electronic bet ticket. Using it helps you check every detail of the bet you’re making before you submit it.

Bonuses and Promotions

These are rewards, bonuses, or promos you can get from a sportsbook, provided you follow the terms and conditions that come with them, including wagering requirements and the timeframe to claim them. Before claiming any bookmaker bonus, read the fine print to know what to expect.

NBA Betting FAQs

How does moneyline betting work?

The money line bet works by simply predicting which team will emerge victorious in the game. The more favored team displays a minus (-) sign next to the odds, while the less favored team will have a plus (+) sign next to their odds.

How do odds work in basketball betting?

Remember that the odds are set by the oddsmaker based on several predicted game outcomes and the players’ performances. The bettors placing bets on the given odds will affect the movement of the lines as the game is nearing its start.

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